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Welcome To Room Finder

  • It is the main problem for all those students who are studying somewhere away from their home to find any room. It takes so much time to find room in such a city where you don’t know anyone or you have visited for the first time to that city. RoonFinder.in is a website especially for the student. We have come up with an aim to provide room for the student.
  • We are providing you a list of room which will fulfill all the requirements of your room. The rooms provided to you are closer to your college, provide room with suitable rent.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose:-

  • Room owners can easily put their rooms online with our website. They don’t have spent so much money in advertising of their room and also they don’t have to wait for longer time to get paying guest.
  • We are directly creating a link between the consumer and the owner of the room. This will end the brokerage in this whole finding and getting.

Our Vision:-

  • Delivering trustworthy experiences that you cherish for lifetime.

How we find room for you!

  • We have visited so many rooms across your region to find the best room in your locality for you. We have inspected all the rooms according to your comfort; we have listed these rooms in our website along with all the facilities in rooms to help you easily select your room. We have especially taken care for the environment so that you get proper and healthy environment in your surroundings. We have also taken care for cleaning of you the room. In accordance to which we have give cleaning percentage to all the rooms in our website by which you can easily determine the cleaning of the area where your room exist.

Our Staff

Amit Yadav


Mr.  Amit yadav the founder of RoomFinder.in is the whole and sole. He supervises the entire task done by us including marketing and technical issue. RoomFinder.in is giving the solution of those problems which Mr. Amit Yadav faced in his student life. These problems forced him to keep the foundation of RoomFinder.

Rohit Kumar

Co Founder :-

He did his Electronics And Communication engineering from TECHNO INDIA UNIVERSITY KOLKATA . He started his carrier by working for his own business then he later started working on hospitality projects.

Anurag Pandey

Technical Supporter:-

Mr. Anurag pandey is the technical supporter of RoomFinder.in. He takes controls all the technical operations at RoomFinder.in.

Vikas Yadav


Mr. Vikas yadav is the consultant of all the matters in RoomFinder. His consults plays an important role for us.

Vivek Yadav

Marketing director:-

Mr. Viviek yadav is the marketing director of RoomFinder.in. He searches and also analyses the quality and facilities of the hostels which we put on our website for you.